About the Artist
Betsy Jacaruso Gallery

Moving here originally from Vermont, Claudia Engel, was drawing and painting from childhood. As an adult she attended the Rhode Island School of Design, moved to Woodstock, New York and now resides in nearby Port Ewen, in a lovely home overlooking the Hudson River.

Past years as a graphic designer have contributed greatly to her sense of composition as she moved ahead into the world of watercolor. Claudia’s passion is currently New York City and large paintings of Iris.

Her personal definition of art is to use her creative gift in such a way as to result in arousing beauty in the senses, motivating and lifting one up to see splendor in the ordinary.

“There are so many ways to be considered artistic. To place one technique above the other would be like saying a rose is better than a lily, and one would lose out on appreciating things lost in the shadows. I can glean something from almost everyone I meet or painting I see. Each has its place in the overall scheme of things. I like working in a studio, guild-like environment with other artists and consider team-work far superior as compared to being on my own. If I leave myself open, I can see more quickly what’s been overlooked, what weaknesses I habitually make and therefore grow faster.

“Working together spurs on the creative juices and makes life much more enjoyable. What is art? In a world that has lost the ability to see, we demonstrate how to take a second look."

Claudia has spent twenty years studying at the Betsy Jacaruso Studio and Gallery located at 43 East Market Street, Suite 2, the Courtyard in Rhinebeck, New York.

She is now semi-retired and working from home. (2023)